A Compassionate Branch of Law: Family Law
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A Compassionate Branch of Law: Family Law

Family attorneys fight hard for their clients, and they often have to help those clients navigate difficult situations. Perhaps you are divorcing your spouse, and you need help securing your financial future through alimony. Or maybe you are trying to adopt a child who has been the victim of abuse, and you need a lawyer to guide you through the legal process of gaining guardianship. A good family lawyer does not just help their clients navigate the law; they help their clients move forward into better life situations. We appreciate the work these attorneys do, and we have dedicated this blog to spread the word about their profession.


A Compassionate Branch of Law: Family Law

  • What Should You Tell Your Divorce Lawyer?

    27 January 2021

    It's normal to feel embarrassed about a divorce's details, as it's a personal affair after all. Additionally, you may want to retain certain information like hidden assets from your spouse. However, keeping any critical details from your divorce lawyer will affect their ability to argue the case in your favor.  When sitting down with a divorce lawyer, you can feel confident knowing that your instructions are safe with them. The divorce attorney will only use the information to build a strong case and improve your winning odds.

  • How an Attorney Can Help Your Intellectually Disabled Adult Child

    8 January 2021

    If you have an adult child who has an intellectual disability, then you probably aren't new to providing them with care. Now that they are an adult, however, you might not really have the legal right to help them with things. If you think your adult child needs help because of their intellectual disability, then you may need to work with an adult guardianship attorney who can help you secure guardianship status over your child.

  • Do You Need An Expert Witness For Your Divorce?

    25 November 2020

    When you are going through a divorce, you might wonder what resources you have. After all, you have a lot on your plate if you are trying to separate your assets and determine the custody schedule for your children. All of this means that you might rely on expert witnesses in the courtroom. Expert witnesses are actually great resources for your divorce, whether you are trying to divide assets or divvy up child custody.

  • 4 Benefits Of Using Online Divorce Mediation

    13 November 2020

    Are you considering a divorce during the current pandemic, but the thought of having to go through all of the divorce proceedings with your spouse and their lawyers has made you a bit nervous? If so, don't let that hold you back. It is possible to get a divorce and go through mediation online. Here are some benefits to handling your divorce in this way. Online Mediation Meetings Are Convenient

  • Tips For Figuring Out A Custody Schedule

    16 October 2020

    Are you in the process of divorce mediation where you are trying to figure out a custody schedule? It's great that both parents want to be involved in their child's life, but it can be hard to figure out a practical schedule. Here are some tips for parents that are having trouble working out a schedule for when they are splitting custody 50/50. Alternating Weekly Schedule The easiest way to divide parenting time is with an alternative weekly schedule.