A Compassionate Branch of Law: Family Law
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A Compassionate Branch of Law: Family Law

Family attorneys fight hard for their clients, and they often have to help those clients navigate difficult situations. Perhaps you are divorcing your spouse, and you need help securing your financial future through alimony. Or maybe you are trying to adopt a child who has been the victim of abuse, and you need a lawyer to guide you through the legal process of gaining guardianship. A good family lawyer does not just help their clients navigate the law; they help their clients move forward into better life situations. We appreciate the work these attorneys do, and we have dedicated this blog to spread the word about their profession.


A Compassionate Branch of Law: Family Law

Setting Up A Visitation Agreement

Raymond Lee

When a couple with children decides to separate, often the most contentious and emotionally charged aspect of the divorce process is determining who has custody of the children and how much visitation the non-custodial parent will receive. Ideally, parents will reach an amicable agreement and stick to it, but a fair, binding agreement is sometimes challenging to achieve or enforce. A child custody attorney can help you set up a visitation agreement that works for both parents.

Choose the Right Attorney

Choosing the right attorney is the first step toward ensuring a smooth process of setting up a visitation agreement. A child custody attorney is an experienced and specialized legal professional who understands the laws that govern child custody and visitation rights. They know the different types of custody arrangements and can be a valuable resource for information and advice.

Prepare for Your Initial Meeting

Once you have selected a child custody attorney, it's time to prepare for your initial meeting. During this meeting, you will discuss your current arrangement and what you want to see change. To make the most of this meeting, come prepared with a list of questions and concerns. Be ready to provide details about your child's schedule and needs and any previous custody agreements. It's also helpful to bring income statements, proof of employment, and other relevant documentation.

Negotiate a Custody Agreement

The primary function of a child custody attorney is to help you negotiate a custody agreement. This agreement outlines how physical and legal custody will be granted and divided. A custody agreement can include where the child will primarily live, how much visitation time the non-custodial parent will receive, and how parents will make decisions regarding the child's welfare. Your child custody attorney will also explain other legal arrangements, including joint custody, where parents share equal responsibility, and sole custody, where one parent has primary responsibility. 

Finalizing Your Visitations Agreement

Once you have negotiated and finalized your visitation agreement, the attorney will submit it to a judge for final approval. During this process, the judge will review the deal and ensure it is in the child's best interests. The judge may also request additional information, so it's essential to be prepared to present testimony in court if requested.

Setting up a visitation agreement with a child custody attorney is an important step in ensuring that the custody of your children is handled efficiently and effectively. Contact a child custody attorney for more information.