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A Compassionate Branch of Law: Family Law

Family attorneys fight hard for their clients, and they often have to help those clients navigate difficult situations. Perhaps you are divorcing your spouse, and you need help securing your financial future through alimony. Or maybe you are trying to adopt a child who has been the victim of abuse, and you need a lawyer to guide you through the legal process of gaining guardianship. A good family lawyer does not just help their clients navigate the law; they help their clients move forward into better life situations. We appreciate the work these attorneys do, and we have dedicated this blog to spread the word about their profession.


A Compassionate Branch of Law: Family Law

Main Reasons For Hiring A Social Security Attorney To Pursue Your Case

Raymond Lee

Pursuing disability benefits is rarely an easy process. In fact, if you do not suffer from a terminal illness like COPD or pulmonary fibrosis, you face being turned down when you first apply for them. With that, you may face having to apply and go to court several times before you finally win the benefits that you need to sustain yourself and your family. You can simplify this process and keep your court active by hiring a Social Security attorney to represent you.

Filing the Initial Case

It is a fact that you could be turned down after your first attempt to get these benefits. Still, your case has to start somewhere. You must file that initial case just to get the process of pursuing these benefits started.

Filing the initial case itself requires you to submit an application that you can find online or print off and submit by mail. It may seem confusing and lengthy at first glance. However, when you retain a Social Security attorney, you can get the help that you need to fill it out and submit it successfully.

Your lawyer can advise you on how to answer some of the more complex questions. They can make sure that you answer sufficiently and avoid having the application turned down or sent back because of incomplete answers.

Filing Appeals

Your Social Security attorney can also be instrumental in filing appeals if or when your case is denied. You have the right to appeal your case as many times as you wish. However, you may find the appeals process to be tedious and time-consuming, as well as frustrating.

Instead of you exerting the time and energy to appeal the denial, you can have your Social Security attorney take the appeals process over for you. They can file the appeals, make sure your case remains on the court docket, and advise you when you need to appear in court next. Your Social Security attorney can also appear with you at each court hearing and provide as much evidence as needed to show the judge that you are injured or ill and cannot earn a sufficient income.

A Social Security attorney can provide critical benefits to applicants like you. They can file your initial case and advise you on how to submit the application. Your attorney can also file appeals after case denials. Reach out to a Social Security attorney in your area to learn more.